Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Silly Guys!

Just the other night I went shopping for Halloween treats to send with the boys to school for their "treat bags". Who would have guessed that these silly little glasses would have been such a hit.

WOW - it's almost scary to see how much they look like their daddy with these on...the big nose, bushy eyebrows, tiny glasses - there's only one thing missing the mustache! Well you be the judge....

You know I love ya babe with all my heart, it's just that the similarities were too funny to go unmentioned!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sneak Peek @ Nov. Add-On's

I altered this composition book over the weekend to show you the add-ons we'll have available for November. There will be new acrylic stamps, ka-jinker jems and a Creative Imaginations mini kit. Remember to check back with us - 4 Scrappy Sisters - on October 25th, that's when all the November kits and add-ons go on sale.
Oh yeah, before I run I have a quick question, who's in the mood for some Figgy Pudding - Basic Grey style? It'll be available in the store on the same day - wahoo!!

Is It Just Me...

...or am I not the only obsessed Webkinz fan in the world? I'd seen them many times on my trips to Ben Franklin, but never really knew what all the fuss was about. Well, a couple of weeks ago interims came home and Ethan did very well, so we offered him a small reward. " A Webkinz" he shouted. Why not I thought, they're only $8.00 and BF in right around the corner from our house - it was a win, win situation. Little did I know I was about to meet my next obsession! These precious little things not only look adorable and feel so soft and cuddly but they have their own cyber universe. A interactive world where you can play games, decorate rooms, feed and dress your pet, go shopping and interact with other Webkinz. Needless to say, I returned to BF the next day and got one for myself. I love playing the games and decorating different rooms. I'm in the process now of creating an interactive backyard - complete with a garden, grill, hammock and trampoline - how fun!

Meet Pepper - my black lab.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spending Time Doing What I LOVE!

Scrapping and Eating...

Just last weekend Kristin and I took 4 Scrappy Sisters on the road to Nags Head, North Carolina. We vendored and scrapped the weekend away with Scrapbook Escape Weekend Retreat, which is organized and hosted by Mary Full. She does a fantastic job. We will be the featured vendor at her next crop retreat in Virginia Beach the weekend of January 25 - 27. If you're interested in joining us please post me a note and I'll get you in contact with Mary.

Well seeing that I'd never been to Nags Head before that weekend, I was insistent that we visit restaurants local to the area. There was this one - not exclusive to Nags Head - but was an absolute must visit, if not for any other reason but it's name. "Dirty Dick's" - yep you read correctly - Dirty Dick's Crab House. Neither one of us really knew what to expect but when we arrived to a full parking lot we knew we'd made the right choice. The seafood was the absolute best I've ever eaten. I had crab cakes and - oh my gosh - they were at least an inch and a half thick with no visible breading just lumps of crab meat. Unbelievable! And don't even get me started on the hush puppies (homemade with real corn inside - ahhhh!!). Okay, I'm going a little over board I know, but when it comes to good food I just can't help myself!

Well, once we finished gorging ourselves, we made a quick pit stop at the Dirty Dick's souvenir shop. I just couldn't leave with out getting a little something for my man...check this out:

...come on ya just gotta laugh!

Chat again later!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Hangman

This is too funny! Perfectly creepy for this time of year!

Chat again later.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Doodlin' Around

It's week 2 in my doodling class and I'm having so much fun!

The class is offered through Big Picture Scrapbooking and taught by Maelynn Cheung. She is truly a "Master Doodler". I have learned many new techniques that I've already put into practice.

Week 1 Project: Take an existing layout from your achieves and bring it to life using only doodling dots and/or lines.

Easy you say? Not really. For me, there's that constant fear I'm going to make an irreversible mistake or even worse, turn my "labor of love" into an endless maze of squiggles and swirls. Well, I must tell you once I got started it was all most hard to stop. Now I'm looking at each layout - new or old - through a doodlers eye.

Take a look at what happened to my "My Boys" layout once I added a few dots and lines.

Monday, October 1, 2007

1st Homecoming Dance

Well, hold on to your hat, I just got these photos in from Jacob's first Homecoming dance. Wow, kinda scary if ya think about it - next will be prom, then graduation, then - okay, okay, jumping a few years ahead. Deep breath...ahhhhh. Let's just enjoy this moment.

These first photos are of Jacob and his dad (Don), as they both attempt the age old task of tying a real necktie! Not as easy as it looks.

Here's one of Jacob being a true gentleman, as he helps Kelly down the stairs.

And finally, the cute couple posing for a few quick photos before dancing the night away!!

Chat Again Later!


It can't be October already! Didn't we just load the kiddos on the bus for the first day of school!?! And is it just me, or are the chain stores smothering us with Christmas decorations and music before the tots have even had a chance to dress up in their scariest garb and go bell hoppin' for candy. Insane, I tell ya!

Well, I must give a shout out to Target though. They really know how to sell their goods. That $1.00 isle is a killer - and right there as you walk in! Yesterday I ran in to grab a few odds and ends when I stumbled across this gold mine - and each was just a $1!

Needless to say I grabbed two of each thing you see. I probably should have gotten more but didn't want to look like one of those "crazy" scrappin' ladies!!
In sports season #2 has started. Yep, Adam's Middle School games started last week. So now I'm attending anywhere from 2-4 games a week. Busy, busy, busy and lovin' it! He's a few shots of Adam's first game!

Chat Again Later!