Monday, October 1, 2007

1st Homecoming Dance

Well, hold on to your hat, I just got these photos in from Jacob's first Homecoming dance. Wow, kinda scary if ya think about it - next will be prom, then graduation, then - okay, okay, jumping a few years ahead. Deep breath...ahhhhh. Let's just enjoy this moment.

These first photos are of Jacob and his dad (Don), as they both attempt the age old task of tying a real necktie! Not as easy as it looks.

Here's one of Jacob being a true gentleman, as he helps Kelly down the stairs.

And finally, the cute couple posing for a few quick photos before dancing the night away!!

Chat Again Later!


Lauren said...

What a cute couple!

jamie said...

WOW what great pictures, cant wait to see them scrapped ;) what a great looking couple

Nathalie said...

Great photos and so full of meaning... I love the necktie ones with Dad and the last one, they look really cute!

Anonymous said...

He is too cute!!!


Alison said...

Wow! What a handsome young man!! Oh they grow toooooo fast!!!

The Lewney Bin said...

Great pictures Lisa! They look really cute together, and what a handsome guy (he looks a lot like my oldest son!). Gotta love red heads! -Audrey