Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Been So Busy Around Here

Last week was truly a blur.  Between baseball games, practices, birthday and vendoring, I feel completely out of touch with reality!  

Well yes last week, April 10th to be exact, was my 38th birthday.  My hubby surprised me with dinner, cake, cards and presents - what a good man.  He gave me this gorgeous neckless called "Tears of Christ", very special.  Then he took all the boys to pick out cards and presents for me.  It was an awesome day, I felt really special.

In the midst of last weeks 100 yard dash, I was able to carve out a few creative minutes.  Take a look at these cards I made using the
4 Scrappy Sisters March Full Size kit.  There is only 1 kit left in the store so if your interested run quickly.  Side note:  today, April 15th, is the last day of our "Tax Relief Sale".  

Chat again really soon!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Envelope Album

I've spent the last 2 or 3 days working on this envelope album.  I've decided that I'm going to offer it as a class at our next 2 weekend scrapbook retreats.  I can't tell you how easy and fun it was to create - and believe me when I say the possibilities here are truly endless.


For this envelope album I created a pocket for each one of my boys + one for hubby.  I then interviewed each one of them.  I had a list of about 10-12 questions and then narrowed it down a bit for the album.  Then I put together a small group of photos for each one and tucked them in the envelope pocket with their Q& A's pasted on the outside.  It really turned out great if I can say so myself.


Thanks for looking and I'll be chatting again soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Little Things

Okay, this just goes to prove it's the little things
 in life that really make me happy.  I was over at the bank recently, when the teller sells me an offer I just couldn't pass up.  "If you complete this brief credit application today we'll give you one of these FREE."  "Sure, why not," I said, and now I'm the proud owner of this awesome little radio/cooler combination - what a great idea!  We can so use this at the 101 baseball games we attend each spring. 

The radio part is am/fm with a built in antenna.  Plus it has an earphone jack and a plug for your ipod.  So now all I have to do is attach the ipod and it'll play through the speaker...ingenious idea I tell ya.  It's all about the little things in life...the little things.

Chat again soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Best Idea Book EVER!

I'm the kinda person who is always on the search for amazing new idea books. Well this one is the BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! 

You all know already how much I love Becky Fleck and PageMaps, well her long awaited 
idea book has been published and reached my doorstep yesterday afternoon!! 

It is literally FILLED with all new sketches and example layouts. But the most ingenious part of the book is that she has condensed the sketches into travel 4x6 laminated cards that detach from the back and fit into this cute little box (also in the back of the book). 
Now when your at home you've got the book to refer to but when you travel to crops all you need to grab is this little 4x6 box full of sturdy, laminated idea cards. They have a sketch on one side and an example layout of the other - BRILLIANT, I tell ya, just BRILLIANT. The book is filled with sketches for all size scrappers; 12x12 single, 12x12 double, 8.5x11 single, 8.5x11 double, 8.5x11 landscape, 8.5x11 portrait...it unbelievable. The book itself is hardback with a spiral binding on the inside, which makes it so easy to flip through all the yummy pages! 
I truly think if I could marry this book I would.
Chat again really soon!