Saturday, September 22, 2007

Retreat Class

Guess what? We've been ivited to vendor another crop! Yep, and this ones in Nags Head - woot, woot!

For this crop 4 Scrappy Sisters has decided to offer a class. I really wanted our class to be different from just a page layout our a mini album (not that either of those are bad choices, but I just wanted ours class to be different). So after pondering the subject for a couple of days this is what I've arrived at - an altered composition book. Yes - it's different plus it can be personalized and quite versatile. Okay enough of the sales pitch, let me know your thoughts.

Chat again later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Retreat Layouts

My weekends work:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What A Weekend!

4 Scrappy Sisters went vendoring this past weekend. Yep that's right - and boy was it a blast! We spent Friday - Sunday with a terrific group of gals. Oh yeah, and Smitty
:-) Kristin and I ate way too much, slept far too little, laughed until we made ourselves sick, completed some layouts and made a small profit! Life is GOOD!

Here are a few photos I snapped during our retreat:

and of course a couple of shots of Kristin and I just to prove to the hubby's we really were vendoring the weekend away:

Thanks goes out to Scrappin Retreat ( for inviting us to come. You guys put together a great weekend getaway. Hope to vendor with you all again real soon!

Before I run - have you seen who is in the "New Kit On The Block" spotlight over at Willow Traders? Boo yah! It's us - 4 Scrappy Sisters! What an awesome review Christina gave us. Thanks So Much!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Music and Apparel

1st - Apparel:

After an insane trip to Wal-mart this morning, I was so glad to get home. And what to my surprise - a package from my friendly little "man in brown". So I did as any girl would do, TORE it open. It was filled with our newly designed 4 Scrappy Sisters t-shirts! I think they turned out great. They come in both white and grey, sizes M-XL and will be available for purchase in the 4SS store later this week. Now you can show your scrappin' spirit all over town!

2nd - Music:

While visiting my neighborhood Wal-mart today, I picked up the new "Lifehouse" CD, Who We Are. Can I just say AMAZING! I have listen to it 3 times already in its entirety, and think I love them even more each time through.

I had never heard of them until a few weeks ago. They were the featured band on Jay Leno's Tonight Show and it was truly love at first listen! (click here for a listen - you won't be sorry).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Exciting News @ 4SS!

Early yesterday morning I received an email from Scrappin Retreat asking if 4 Scrappy Sisters would be interested in vendoring a crop retreat this weekend. Well Hello - of course we would!! The retreat will be held in Charlottesville and has a projected 50-60 scrappers coming! What an amazing opportunity this will be to get our business name out there in the public eye.

Scrappin Retreat took over where Let's Scrap 4 Fun left off, providing wonderful weekend scrappin' retreats in Virginia. They hold 3 to 4 different events a year, ranging from Virginia Beach, Richmond, Fredericksburg to Charlottesville.

GO !

Also, 4 Scrappy Sisters will be the featured "New Kit On The Block" at Willow Traders this month. The grand revealing will take place on September 15th. Please drop by the site and check out what the September kit has to offer - I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Gotta get packin, chat more later...

Friday, September 7, 2007


Last night was Jacob's first High School football game of the 07-08 season. I was so excited, but just not expecting so much "excitement" in the 1st game! We were playing against last years #1 team; therefore, creating its own drama.

Jacob took the field this year as a starter, meaning he'd see 90% of the action. He was on fire --
(He's #15) make a killer sack,

caught a 20 yard pass,

constantly motivated team members,

aided the injured,

and became a victim of the "Walking Wounded".
Yep that's right, we spent most of the night in the hospital!! We had thought he dislocated his right shoulder, but it turns out that it's just a sever stain. He's now in a sling and hopped up on Tylenol #3 + Naprosyn - life is good now! He'll now be taking a few days off for recovery, then on Monday start physical therapy and will hopefully be released for play by Wednesday.

One game down, 10 more to go. Insane I tell ya - just INSANE!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Here We Go Again!!

Yep - it's time to start a whole new school year!! Take a look at my gang as they head out...

Top Row: Jacob - 10th grade, Adam - 8th grade,
Bottom Row: Ethan - 3rd grade, Matthew - 1st grade.