Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What A Weekend!

4 Scrappy Sisters went vendoring this past weekend. Yep that's right - and boy was it a blast! We spent Friday - Sunday with a terrific group of gals. Oh yeah, and Smitty
:-) Kristin and I ate way too much, slept far too little, laughed until we made ourselves sick, completed some layouts and made a small profit! Life is GOOD!

Here are a few photos I snapped during our retreat:

and of course a couple of shots of Kristin and I just to prove to the hubby's we really were vendoring the weekend away:

Thanks goes out to Scrappin Retreat (http://www.scrappinretreat.com/) for inviting us to come. You guys put together a great weekend getaway. Hope to vendor with you all again real soon!

Before I run - have you seen who is in the "New Kit On The Block" spotlight over at Willow Traders? Boo yah! It's us - 4 Scrappy Sisters! What an awesome review Christina gave us. Thanks So Much!

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