Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Music and Apparel

1st - Apparel:

After an insane trip to Wal-mart this morning, I was so glad to get home. And what to my surprise - a package from my friendly little "man in brown". So I did as any girl would do, TORE it open. It was filled with our newly designed 4 Scrappy Sisters t-shirts! I think they turned out great. They come in both white and grey, sizes M-XL and will be available for purchase in the 4SS store later this week. Now you can show your scrappin' spirit all over town!

2nd - Music:

While visiting my neighborhood Wal-mart today, I picked up the new "Lifehouse" CD, Who We Are. Can I just say AMAZING! I have listen to it 3 times already in its entirety, and think I love them even more each time through.

I had never heard of them until a few weeks ago. They were the featured band on Jay Leno's Tonight Show and it was truly love at first listen! (click here for a listen - you won't be sorry).

1 comment:

Laura said...

WOW!!!!! I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE!!!!!! i want to wear a COOL 4Scrappy Sisters shirt!!!! :) how FUN!!!