Friday, September 7, 2007


Last night was Jacob's first High School football game of the 07-08 season. I was so excited, but just not expecting so much "excitement" in the 1st game! We were playing against last years #1 team; therefore, creating its own drama.

Jacob took the field this year as a starter, meaning he'd see 90% of the action. He was on fire --
(He's #15) make a killer sack,

caught a 20 yard pass,

constantly motivated team members,

aided the injured,

and became a victim of the "Walking Wounded".
Yep that's right, we spent most of the night in the hospital!! We had thought he dislocated his right shoulder, but it turns out that it's just a sever stain. He's now in a sling and hopped up on Tylenol #3 + Naprosyn - life is good now! He'll now be taking a few days off for recovery, then on Monday start physical therapy and will hopefully be released for play by Wednesday.

One game down, 10 more to go. Insane I tell ya - just INSANE!


Michelle said...

Sorry it was such a crazy night, those are great though!! Hope your son is feeling better soon!!

Laura said...

oh my gosh, you have a BLOG. how did i not know this!!!??? LISA!!!!!! Why have you been holding out on me!!!?? ;)

Alison said...

Very exciting game! Congrats to your DS!!