Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Doodlin' Around

It's week 2 in my doodling class and I'm having so much fun!

The class is offered through Big Picture Scrapbooking and taught by Maelynn Cheung. She is truly a "Master Doodler". I have learned many new techniques that I've already put into practice.

Week 1 Project: Take an existing layout from your achieves and bring it to life using only doodling dots and/or lines.

Easy you say? Not really. For me, there's that constant fear I'm going to make an irreversible mistake or even worse, turn my "labor of love" into an endless maze of squiggles and swirls. Well, I must tell you once I got started it was all most hard to stop. Now I'm looking at each layout - new or old - through a doodlers eye.

Take a look at what happened to my "My Boys" layout once I added a few dots and lines.


The Lewney Bin said...

Love your layout Lisa, the doodles look fabulous! -Audrey

Laura said...

WOW!!!!!! i love the first layout, but its amazing to see the two next to each other! both ways, its WONDERFUL!!! you did a good job of NOT screwing it up!!!! ;)

Mel said...

I LOVE these LO!! Great job Lisa!!

twinkles11 said...

first of all god bless you with 4 boys i bet you run around lots... this is a great layout. the dots and lines really change it up a bit. GREAT JOB! eva

jamie said...

WOW lisa, i love the before but then i saw the after and WOW it just popped off the screen, great job looks fantastic!! :)