Monday, October 1, 2007


It can't be October already! Didn't we just load the kiddos on the bus for the first day of school!?! And is it just me, or are the chain stores smothering us with Christmas decorations and music before the tots have even had a chance to dress up in their scariest garb and go bell hoppin' for candy. Insane, I tell ya!

Well, I must give a shout out to Target though. They really know how to sell their goods. That $1.00 isle is a killer - and right there as you walk in! Yesterday I ran in to grab a few odds and ends when I stumbled across this gold mine - and each was just a $1!

Needless to say I grabbed two of each thing you see. I probably should have gotten more but didn't want to look like one of those "crazy" scrappin' ladies!!
In sports season #2 has started. Yep, Adam's Middle School games started last week. So now I'm attending anywhere from 2-4 games a week. Busy, busy, busy and lovin' it! He's a few shots of Adam's first game!

Chat Again Later!


The Lewney Bin said...

Great football photos Lisa!!! I love the stuff you found at Target, mine didn't have nearly that great of stuff! -Audrey

Alison said...

LOL about not wanting to look like 'one of those crazy scrappy ladies!' I think it might be too late! ;) Great football shots!