Monday, October 26, 2009

Love This Magazine!

Okay, I may just be the last person on earth to find this, but wow am I glad I did -
Scrapbook Inspirations magazine.

It is published in the UK but I found it my local Barnes and Noble.
This magazine is jam - literally - jam packed with layout after layout. It's right there on the cover of the October issue, "271 ideas for original projects" - that averages out to be approximately 3.4 layouts/cards/alterables per page! They also have a 'sketch' for each issue, which the entire design team works with...loads of inspiration gals. Take a look @ November's sketch by Karen Cole - fun stuff!

Don't panic if you can't find it in your local sb store or book store because their blog is equally as good. Use the above link to check it out for yourself. Let me know whatcha think.

God Bless & Happy Creating!

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Tami said...

Nope ur not the last one Lisa I am now the last! LOL!! Thanks for sharing that-gotta get me a copy!