Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Unexpected Twist!

Our Christmas ended up being nothing like I'd expected.  Late in the evening on December 22, my hubby and I received the call that NO PARENT ever wants to get - our oldest son, Jacob - 17, had been in an accident.  He had hit an oak tree head on at approximately 45 mph.

We spent from December 22 until December 28 in the hospital.  He had to undergo reconstructive surgery on his right femur, which was broken clean through.  The impact also caused a concussion, a large laceration in his head and enumerable amounts of scraps and bruises.  

We are very lucky that this accident did not take his life.  The officer said, "I've seen lesser accidents claim victims".  I guess you could say this was our families "Christmas miracle".

Thanks so much for all the prayers, cards and emails.  They have been a great comfort to us during this difficult time.

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wendy said...

Oh gosh, that's horrible...I'm glad he's ok!