Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet "Sky"

I don't know about Thanksgiving Day at your house but at our house it is never a dull occasion.  There always promises to be some type of drama or excitement.  Well, this year proved to be no exception.

Earlier in the day we adopted this precious puppy from a good friend of ours.  Say hello to "Sky".

We chose Sky for the name because of her crystal blue eyes - they're sky blue.  She is a beautiful mix of cattle dog & husky (hence the blue eyes).

Well, I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving Day and ate plenty of goodies.  Stay safe and I will chat with you again real soon. 


Lee said...

Sky has lovely eyes and a great name. I'll bet the boys are excited!!! Our pet has the same name SKYE! Congratulations on the new family member!!

Carrie said...

So precious!

Alison said...

Way adorable! Congrats!

Laura said...

oh my goodness lisa!!!! sky is BEAUTIFUL, what a sweetie!!!