Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Spring!

Wow, we have been running crazy around our house ever since Easter break. Ethan had his foot surgery - all is going well with his recovery, baseball is in full swing - @ two different schools, the preschool year is coming to a close and the allergy season has been unrelenting. But with all that craziness in my life, I was still able to whip up a fun little layout about our family's latest addition.
~ Buster PrettyBird ~

I hope your spring is filled with much fun and even more photos!
Keep Creating =)


Lisa said...

Lisa, LOVE your layout, fun colors and Buster Pretty Bird looks so proud of himself! Great job!

Stacy Milford said...

We are busy too...track meets & all of that end of the school year stuff! LOVE the colorful & fun! & yes, I had the camera out today...took a TON of know, you wouldn't want to run out of photos...LOL!

Stacy Milford said...

Hi Lisa! I have missed you lately! Come see my blog...I gave you an award! ;0)