Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obsession #2

Our family has a little "tradition" we started about a year ago - two Fridays a month we'll go out to dinner and then to Barnes and Noble to look at books or play with the trains, just something different. Well, that's where the obsession thing rears it's ugly head. At this moment in time I have 4 books in my "planning to read" pile, one book on back order and another I've just begun reading, yet look what I did! If only there were a (DEAR day) Stop, Drop Everything and Read day in my life like they have in the elementary schools. Oh well, summers coming hopefully I'll be able to move some of these selections to my "books I've read" shelf.

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siameseplease said...

I just finished the Harry Potter series. I love to read. That tradition sounds like a really good one to me!