Friday, March 21, 2008

I've Created A Social Monster :/

My 13 year old son has one of the greatest sense of humors I've ever known, and this just goes to prove the point.  I accidently left my computer unattended with the 4 Scrappy Sisters message board still live.  When I came back there was a post entitled "The sexyest boy alive".  I was afraid we had a hacker but quickly learned it was just my socially starved son.  Well as the night wore on it became apparent that he was having way too much fun for a kid his age and even ended up creating his own user account :0  You've gotta love the name he chose "Da Man".  What a total nut.  Look at a couple of his posts:

 "Da Man"{user name}

{Avatar pic.}
hey hey hey ladies of the board guess what i now have an offical user name so you will be hearing from me alot more and just to let you know i will make your day the funniest one you will ever have and if there is anything you want to know about me and my amazing life you know were to find me and for the other repliers know its close to spring break and i dont have any home work and i sleep when sleep is needed :) about me i like long walks on the beach my favorite color is blue and im now 13 and single. i play many sports as baseball,football,and wrestling so im pretty built im currently 5"11 and 160 Pounds of sure hunkness and i am currently working hard towards my scholarship at UVA i am a very entresting little guy i like to make people laugh and like to see people happy and if there not i will make them happy so any of you have husband troubles feel free to talk to da man (me) so i guess thats it so message back and tell me a little about you

well i see that you ladies have missed me so don't worry I'm here morning coffee well as you know i have to go to school so i will have to leave you at 8:00 so we can have fun till my mom gets on jk so anyway who wants to talk happydance 

What have I created!?!?  I did tell him if he wants to be a part of the mb he must scrap something.  He said, "I'll just throw a little card together."  We'll see!

Check out this layout I made during the 4 Scrappy Sisters cyber crop.  It features Adam modeling the new suit we bought him for mom's wedding.  

Chat again soon!


lesliescraps said...

He's so funny Lisa! What a great sense of humor! Can't wait to see his card LOL

Karen Reichel said...

Too funny!

Alison said...

Oh that is too darn funny!! I have to admit when I first saw the post I was afraid we had a hacker too until I saw that it was posted on Lisa's account. Hmmm?? Your kiddo is too funny! Can't wait to see his card!

Tobey Shepherd said...

he is just way tooo cute!!!thanks for sharing him with us!!I hope it gets him scrapping!!

Lisamariemlt said...

only words for you
good luck
not only does he have wit
he has looks
and wow
already an add out for being single and funny
toooooo cute
keep in under close guard
those little ladies at school will find him so cute sooooon lol

Jennifer said...

He is so funny!!!
I so love this layout too!!!