Friday, November 9, 2007

Ramblings From A Proud Football Mom....

They did it...they did it!

The Lee-Davis HS JV football team rocked the county with the best winning season on record in many, many years. Last nights win ended their season with a dominating record of 8 WINS and 2 losses. A stunning record indeed.

The Lee-Davis boys were unstoppable last night. With each blow of the whistle, the C-feds dug in and pushed forward for positive yardage. This relentless determination and powerful teamwork resulted in a scoreless game by their opponents; Lee-Davis 27 - Atlee 0.

This group of starters marked their place in history this year with constant dedication and skill....

18 - Phillip {Quarterback}
17 - Justin {Wide Receiver}
15 - Jacob {Full Back & Line Backer} my son
11 - LaJay {Full Back & Line Backer}
10 - Brandon {Wide Receiver}



Mary_Yontz said...

Very cool football pictures and the song is just perfect!

Alison said...

Lisa that is so awesome! Congrats to your DS's team! I love those pictures!

wendy said...

That last picture is great! Congrats