Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ha Ha Ha!

My husband never ceases to amaze me, and not always for the good might I say :-)

Just the other night the two of us happened to be working in the office at the same time, when I asked him if he would take a moment to check out the 4 Scrappy Sisters website and let me know what he thinks. There was a long period of silence and then I heard, "so these sketch thingies - who made those?" With a wee bit of disgust in my voice I said, "I did! and it took me a long time to do them so be kind." "Really" he said, "what program did you use?" "My Microsoft Picture It program, why?" "I bet I could do this in 10 minutes using the Microsoft Paint program."

Well ladies if you know me you'd know that I'm not at all the beating type - but this was too good to let slip by. "Okay you're on" I said, "it's 8:57 p.m. - go!" I left the room and went about watching some Law and Order. At 9:35 he comes in the family room and stands in the doorway, looks at me, and says, "it's done and forwarded to your PC." I jumped up - very eager to see his creation - but not before taking a moment to rub in the fact that it took 37 minutes to complete the project - not 10!!

When I arrived at my PC this is what I was greeted with...

If you are unable to read it - I'll retype:

1-800-CRAP YOU

The Best in Crapbooking

Just call me baby and I'll hook you up.

Satisfaction guaranteed or double your crap back.

Remember at this site we don't give you the finest quality crap you have ever received, we SELL it to you at ridiculously high prices.

There is no better way to get back at your greedy spouse. When they see the money you wasted they'll go bonkers.
I had to hand him the win ladies - the creativity left me rollin' on the floor laughing my rear off.

Chat again soon!


Anonymous said...

ROFLMBO - that is hilarious!


Tobey Shepherd said...

This is priceless Lisa, not sure I want my DH to see it, I think once or twice he has referred to it this way too....hmmmm, must be a guy thing!!!! LOL!