Thursday, March 8, 2007

13 Things I Need To Get Done...

This is the question posed by a friend of mine over at Crop Addict. She suggested that we update our blog today with a list of "13 Things I Need To Get Done This Weekend". I'm not really sure where or why she chose the number 13 - seems a bit unlucky if you ask me, but oh well here goes nothing....

13 Things I Need To Get Done This Weekend (March 10-11)

  1. Get Jacob to and from his baseball game
  2. Take Adam to AAU practice
  3. Rent a movie and video game
  4. Attend Church
  5. Scrap at least one layout
  6. Catch up on sleep (it's a joke I know but a girl can dream right?)
  7. Change my clocks to Daylight Savings (Praise the Lord!)
  8. Take more photos
  9. Get outside with boys
  10. Balance checkbook (that will ruin the weekend)
  11. Get a new mailbox
  12. Clean upstairs bathrooms
  13. Count my many Blessings :-)

Well, it looks like there is little rest for the weary soul. I guess there's always next weekend!

1 comment:

Christina said...

Hehehe, Lisa, I never even thought about 13 being unlucky. I saw the Thursday 13 on someone else's blog! I guess you could say I'm not very superstitious!!!