Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've taken the leap ~

Can you believe it? I'm a BLOGGER!! I've been reading these things for years, thinking maybe someday I'll try it - well today was that someday! Now I'm still trying to navigate my way around, but hopefully I'll be a full fledged "Blogger" real soon.

Just a few short weeks ago we had a mighty addition to our family, and oh how things have changed. No, no not a baby (not to say I don't feel like I'm carrying around 30 lbs. of excess water - but that's a whole nother blog!), but a precious puppy - TATER. Now after just a few short weeks our itty bitty Bloodhound has turned into a huge, wrinkly 25 lbs bundle of joy. He is enjoying chewing us out of house and home and marking his territory with every step, but we love him none the less! Now because he was so small when we got him, sleeping in our bed at night was a real joy, cause he's a great snuggler, but things have changed, really changed! He is now dominating his territory and making known his presence with each wiggle. To put it into prospective - I'd rather have Matthew sleep with us! Put him down, you say...I hear ya, I really do, but once his paws hit the floor "howwww" - "howwww" - "howwww". INSANITY, for Heaven sakes, we've created a monster.


As many of you already know - I'M AN AVID SCRAPPER. Okay, okay, enough with the "no da's". Well, I finally did a layout just a few days ago on Daddy. I had been putting this off and putting this off for well over a year now, but was finally able to put this together.

The journaling reads as follows:

I was recently looking through some pictures, planning layouts for an upcoming scrapbook retreat when I stumbled across this photo. I know it’s been about a year and a half since your passing, but it’s moments like this that make it feel like just yesterday. My heart still aches as my eyes, once again, fill with tears. What a fighter you were during those last few years as one problem lead to another and another. I think this picture speaks volumes about that journey. Your weak eyes look so tired, your poor feet and ankles bandaged tightly yet causing you pain with each step and your frail body is just a fraction of its former self – yet you still smiled. Perhaps not as whole hearted as in years past, but never the less, a genuine daddy smile. You were amazing!

As I continue to stare at this picture, my heart longs to feel your bristly mustache against my cheek as we kiss goodbye or to hold your soft aging hand as you walk down the stairs or even simply to hear you say “Booboo” once more - - - I love you daddy. I was so blessed to have you as my example, my teacher, and my friend. I’m looking forward to the time when I can see your face once again and tell you thanks, thanks so much! You were an awesome father and I’m eternally grateful for the time we spent together.

Picture taken 5/05 He died 9/05

I think it turned out rather well. Let me know what you think.


Cari said...

Oh Lisa...that is such a beautiful tribute to your dad. It brought tears to my eyes. Awesome layout and happy blogging!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! love it!

WOODY said...

My Wife said I had to Blog with her;

I come home in the evening, after working hard all day
I open up the mailbox, to see what I must pay.

I have a cup of coffee, a cigarette I light
There is a moment's pleasure, before there is a fight.

The kids are in a frenzy, I can't take it anymore
Your supper is in the oven, I am walking out the door.

I said no need to worry, there's no reason you should pout
I didn't want to hear it, just put my dinner out.

Well her voice got very quiet, and then she just got sore
The oven door came open; my food went on the floor.

The dishes weren't broken, as they flew across the room
The dog ran to the basement, he sensed there would be doom.

My clothes came down the staircase, a little after nine
She was cleaning out the bedroom, with everything of mine.

The kids were watching TV, the volume was on high
They didn't want to hear the screams, in case I had to die.

A chair went through the window, the neighbors went inside
Some went in to pray for me, the others went to hide.

The cops came round the corner; they knew just where to go
They pulled up on the driveway, and approached her very slow.

She stood there in the doorway, and asked where they had been
I was in the closet; I prayed they'd take her in.

After many years of marriage, and a will that was so strong
I learned there are times I'm not right, and then sometimes I'm wrong.

There's a message in this story, which should be very clear
Listen very carefully, and you will have no fear.

A woman, who's not angry, may love you every night
Just keep in mind these simple words, she is always right.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father! Wow. I can't wait to see more of your work.