Saturday, February 24, 2007

8:00 a.m Saturday Morning

It's 8:00 a.m Saturday morning ~ do you know where your kids are? Well, for my family late February through the end of July brings BASEBALL!

And what a crazy year we have scheduled...

Fabulous news though, Jacob (pictured up top) made "starting pitcher" for the Lee Davis High School JV team! This is MAJOR STUFF, I mean, for a boy his age it's like going to "the show". He has been dreaming of this moment since he was 5 years old and stepped foot on that small, clay diamond in Ashland, Va. At last nights practice they clocked his fast ball at 79 mph. That's a powerful punch for a 15 year old!

But the fun doesn't stop with Jacob - oh no - I have Adam, who will be playing catcher for the Stonewall Jackson Middle School team...

and Matthew who's just signed up for his first year in county tee ball. At this point the schedule looks like 4-5 games (could be more) per week. What was God thinking when he blessed me with 4 boys?
Thank Heavens Ethan hates baseball!

(God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of tasks. As of today, I'm so behind, I'll probably never die!)

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Debbie said...

That's awesome about baseball!!

ROFL loved the tag line :)